Discaholics Vol 1

Personal Best #1
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Personal Best #4
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Personal Best #8

Stunt Rock #1: Gold Soundz
Stunt Rock #2: Foot Noise
Stunt Rock #3: MoE

Anastasia Ax 2007–2013

Lemur: Critical Band


Sudden Infant - Noise In My Head




Published August 2017
Format: 210 x 285 mm
100 pages

Interviews with:

Tony Conrad (USA)
Akira Sakata (Japan)
Sarah Davachi (Canada)
Omit (New Zealand)
Stine Janvin Motland (Norway)
Human Inferno (Norway)
Stephen O'Malley (USA)


Topics covered include: frogs, location recordings, fake synthetic music, stepping off stage, confusion, playing naked, nihilistic anal punk, to be the drunk Klaus Schultze, less is less, being self-contained, grouping of sounds, sound maps, playing 18 gigs in 30 years, marine biology, moving the fingers very fast, the Shinjuku 60s art scene, doing interrail tours in the 1970s, knowing communists, lack of protest, secretly buying Pink Floyd records, karaoke with CC Hennix, incoherent notes, the history of clocks, extreme metal graphic design, the meaning of the goat, picture disc jokes, 3D waves, demo tape nostalgia gone deluxe, keys and symbol's relative power, the social aspect of record covers, Pythagoras, Ali Akbar Khan, how Cage was right, how Stockhausen stole ideas, recording the best album ever made, and much more.


Distributed in Europe through Metamkine